Real Estate Law

Below are some of the services our law office provides regarding property for sale  

I. Purchasing or Transferring Property (House or Land).

  • Title and mortgage research at the land registry office to confirm if the property on sale is free of mortgages or other burdens.
  • Power of attorney documents
  • Representation at the tax office in order for the client to obtain a tax number, which is necessary for any transaction
  • Representation at the bank in order for the client to obtain a greek bank account, which is necessary for any purchase transaction
  • Study, preparation and checking of precontract or final sale contract
  • Representation upon signing the precontract or final purchase contract or contract with builder - developer
  • Carrying out all necessary collections and payments
  • Checking out the stages of the development of building and carrying out relevant payments to developer
  • Applying for and receiving the new title from the land registry
  • Connection with Electricity and Water supply, payment of utility bills.


II. Property management

  • Property Management Representation
  • Home owners representation

III. Construction law:

  • Study, preparation and checking of contract with mechanic and builder - developer
  • Overseeing construction stages and payment timelines
  • Carrying out payments
  • Checking out
  • Negotiation and Prosecution of surety claims
  • Collection actions and enforcement

IV. Landlord-tenant issues

  • Lease Contracts, modification contracts and termination agreements
  • Contract disputes
  • Security Deposit Disputes
  • Collection of past-due and future rent
  • Evictions

V. Litigation

  • Lawsuits in order to have your rights acknowledged and enforced in case disputes which arise from the above issues.

Your interests are best served when you consult with an attorney before you execute any legally binding contract.
At your convenience, we are available to meet with you to discuss any issues you may have regarding the purchase, sale lease or management of your property.

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