inheritance & estate planning


Our law office provides full representation  as regards acceptance of inheritance , which involves :


-        Preparation of  power of attorney

-        Obtaining tax number for the inheritors

-        Submission  of tax inheritance declarations

-        Preparation of the notary inheritance acceptance deed

-        Representation upon signing the notary inheritance acceptance deed.

-        Registration of the inheritance acceptance deed at the competent  Land Registry

-        Application and reception of a certificate of registration from the Land Registry , after the completion of the procedure.

Our law office also provides representation as regards relinquishment of inheritance, which involves :

-        Preparation of power of attorney

-        Preparation of deed of relinquishment of inheritance

-        Representation before the competent court for the sumbission of the relinquishment of inheritance deed



We provide you with legal and tax advice regarding your estate planning, in order for you to be able to choose what is the best way for you to administrate your estate.

Our law office undertakes all such administration actions, which involve :

-        Preparation of relevant power of attorney

-        Legal and Tax Advice regarding transferring and rental contracts and wills 

-         Preparation of transferring and rental contracts and wills

-        Representation upon signing transferring and rental contracts

-        Submission of relevant tax declarations.

-        Registration of the contracts

-        Organization of the procedure for the issuance of a will.



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