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If : - You were born in Greece and one of your parents has Greek nationality. - You were born in Greece from non Greek parents who both live permanently and legally in Greece for at least five years continuously. - You were born by non Greek parents, but you have successfully completed six years of studies in Greek schools in Greece and you live permanently and legally in Greece. - You were not born in Greece and your parents are not Greek , but you live in Greece for seven years continuously - You were not born in Greece and your parents are not Greek, but you have the nationality of a country of the European Union and live in Greece for 3 years continuously - You were not born in Greece and your parents are not Greek, but you are married to a Greek citizen with a child and live in Greece for 3 years continuously. - You have a Greek ancestor who was born Greece. (according to the stipulations of Laws 3284/2004 and 3838/2010 and provided that you fulfill the rest of the requirements of these laws. )

You can begin the procedure in order to obtain Greek citizenship.

A person of Greek origin that resides abroad can acquire Greek citizenship and obtain a Greek passport. The Greek passport allows the holder to reside and work in all the countries of the European Union. A Greek passport can be issued only for a Greek citizen who is registered in a Greek Municipality. When the a person acquires the Greek citizenship and is registrated in a Greek Municipality,afterwards he can also proceed with the issuance of a Greek passport and an identity card. The key for beginning this procedure is to locate the registration of one of the persons ancestors in the Greek Municipal Records. Then he can obtain a relevant certificate and begin the procedure for the recognition of his nationality. All the certificates of marriages and births that took place abroad and have not been registered in Greece have to be registered in the relevant Greek Municipality through the Greek Special Registry.

The above procedure includes many different stages and requires different documentation and actions depending on the specific case's details. In order for this kind of case to be successfully completed, a thorough knowledge of the required procedure and a frequent communication with the relevant Greek Authorities is required. Our office provides these services.

Extension of your stay in Greece

If you wish to stay in Greece for more than three months, as a citizen of a country outside EU / EFTA, you have to apply for an extension of your residence permit. This caninvolve a lot of bureaucracy.
Apart from people of Greek origin, the other visitors from outside the EU may extend their residence permit only for six months askingfortourist visa. Then they pay taxesthat can reach the amount of 150,00 Euros. Theoretically, citizens of EU countries but can stay as long as they want, but to insure that you will have problems, it is best to get a residence permitand , if possible, a work permit. In any case, the process should begin at least four weeks before your visa expires.

If you do not have work permit yet, you will be asked to provide proof of banking transactions for the previous three months as proof that you have available resources to live without having to work.

 “The content of this website do not constitute legal advice and under no circumstances should they be considered as such, until our law office is retained and has reviewed the complete file of the client’s case”


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